Egyptian Recipes

It is no secret that Egyptian cuisine is a hot favourite of food lovers all over the world. People residing in almost all countries prefer to savour Egyptian foods. You can find the fantastic Egyptian taste in many restaurants in Worcestershire as well London and Birmingham, and you may find that many restaurants that serve Egyption food feature fantastic decoration, carefully placed decorative lighting and comfortable furniture. The serve innovative taste, wide variety of foods, royal dishes etc are some of the best bits of Egyptian food items. Egyptian delicacies include vegetarian foods as well as non-veg foods. This is why most of the people are interested in knowing more about Egyptian food items.

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Five important facts about Egyptian foods

Contemporary food items in Egypt reflect its long and rich history as a cultural and customary crossroads. The cuisine includes food from all leading empires and modern nations. You will definitely find North African, Syrian, Lebanese, European influences and more in the cuisine. As a result of influences from several nations, you will find that the cuisine enriches the tastes of North Africa, Lebanon, Syria and many countries of the European continent.

Egyptian foods not only incorporated global influences, but it has also contributed to various foods we rely on today. Bread is one such staple we need to thank the ancient Egyptians. They made bread with barley and also emmer wheat. Although it had a different texture from the one we have today, it was one of the most important foods in those days.

Popular dishes of Egypt include Ful Medammes made using mashed fava beans garnished with lemon, garlic, olive oil, onion and herbs. Kushari is another famous dish it is made using rice, pasta, chickpeas and tomato. Mulukhiyah is a hot favourite soup made from Mulukhiyah vegetable similar to ocre. When it comes to desserts, Egyptian cuisine includes pancakes, pastries, rice pudding and many more.

People often think of the pyramids of Egypt, but not about the makers of these fantastic wonders of the world. Food played a vital role in the making of the pyramids. You might be wondering how food could play an important part in creating one of the biggest wonders of the world. Well, food was not an ingredient in the making of the pyramids, but the workers who toiled hard to create the wondrous structure were paid in bread and onions.

The origin of foie gras is of personal significance to be noted it is an Egyptian process which dates back to 2500 BC. The Egyptians kept birds for eating. In fact, bird meat was one of the popular meats preferred by ancient Egyptians. Birds were force-fed with foie gras to fatten the meat. Even today, some of the dishes of Egypt consist of bird meat.

Popular Dishes

There are many popular dishes to choose from; this includes but not limited to:

Kushari, a mixture of pasta, rice, lentils, onions and chickpeas. Many consider this to be the national dish, it's fairly plain but full of carbs.

Ful Medames, a dish of lava beans with garlic & lemon juice. It's a real staple of the people.

Fatta, A famouse celebration dish with a Nubian origin. Layers of rice with fried bread, garlic and large chucks of stewed beef and eggs.

Taro Soup, the tubers of the taro plant are peeled then boiled. served with lemon juice and coriander.

Dukkah, the side dish of choice. A mix of herbs , nuts and spices.

Bread is also very common in Egypt, the local kind are hearty and thick when compared to European breads. Many breads are used as a way of eating, scooping up the food or sauces. The most noticeable difference between Egyptian bread and European is that it is large and flat rather than tall and deep.

Closing words

Tasting lip licking foods of Egypt is no longer a problem due to the existence of various restaurants specialising in Egyptian dishes. Even if you are a vegetarian, you can relish many vegetarian Egyptian delicacies at several vegetarian restaurants London and other areas. Many folks who prefer Egyptian tastes are eager to know about the facts associated with Egyptian dishes. If you are one of them, just surf through the above listed facts, and get familiar with interesting stories and info about your preferred Egyptian foods.